Saturday, December 17, 2016


On a whim, I pulled a notebook off the shelf this morning, in which I had taken notes on a sheepdog training clinic and subsequent lessons, from ten years ago. It is so interesting to read back through my notes on the clinic and the dogs. The advice from the Welsh  clinician resonates so true today.  Even though  as a beginner, I didn't know  much about some of the things he was talking about (like shedding), I wrote them down anyway...and I am glad.  :)  It is also neat to re-live the memories of working a dog who is now gone (Bid) and remembering how Bid and I learned to increase our confidence and skills together early on.

"Your shed and pen start on the crossdrive"

"You learn more from a bad run than from a good run."

"Don't force and fall out"

Build the outrun so the lift is in the far end of the field, and you walk. This way the dog is going to the 'same store' every time - and knows where everything is 'on the shelf'

When training new skills, just because the dog does something on today's course does not mean he can do it the same on next week's course in a different situation. The first time the dog may respond and do the new skill on just one command; the next time it may take (for example) a stop and redirect in order to get it.

These were really good clinics and lessons, with the information delivered in a practical manner, and giving the dogs a real job to do. Good times! :)

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Favorite Pictures of 2016

I chose a few pictures from each month in 2016 and put them together into a (very low-tech) little "movie". Enjoy. :-)

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Shedding Sequence

Here is a little YouTube video of a recent shedding sequence with Spot.

This was part of the work we did at a Derek S. clinic. I'm really pleased with how our shedding is coming together. We have a lot of the finer points to work on over this winter, as I have time to train with Spot. But it feels as though we have a shiny new toolbox of tools to use. :)