Friday, February 28, 2014

Sojos Lamb & Sweet Potato Treats

Our February review for Chewy consisted of a Sojos product, Lamb and Sweet Potato Flavor grain-free treats. I have never fed any Sojos products, so I was interested in seeing what they were like. It was nice of Chewy to offer us something different to try.

The consistency of the treats, which you can see in my picture above, was almost like that of a homemade dog cookie that you bake from scratch. The dogs liked them really well, including Ryme. He is my usual initial taste tester, as he will spit out anything unfamiliar. Ryme liked the Sojos treats from the very first one and did not spit it out. The other dogs liked them too!

The cookies were small so they'd be great for just small treats (I use them at crating time, mainly) without going overboard on too many calories. They are a nice size and they seem to be very palatable. These Sojos treats are grain-free and the total ingredient list is very short and all real stuff: garbanzo bean flour, lamb, sweet potatoes, canola oil, and eggs. No chemically-sounding stuff. They are GMO-free and made in Minnesota.

I would definitely buy these again for the  boys and the price is reasonable. I think they are about $6.99 on the Chewy website and probably comparable elsewhere.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Mid February, Already!

Wow, it is mid-February, already; President's Day weekend and Valentine's Day have passed us by...

Ryme had a life changing event last Friday; he got neutered ("tutored" is the word I have been using within earshot of him so he does not take it so hard that he lost his manhood).  My vet's office handled everything beautifully, as always, and Ryme is doing great post surgery. I am looking forward to him being able to work again here in a week or so. He is my main man for ranch chores. I am hoping that tutoring will enable him to be even a little bit more relaxed in his view of the world. I would be thrilled with ten percent better but there is always the hope for more. If not, I won't have really done him any harm and fewer male hormones around the house will be a good thing.

Ryme moves our Scotties, a couple of weeks ago  
I spent the President's Day weekend auditing a Jack Knox clinic up at the Hopland university research and extension center.  My brain is full to the brim, but I am really enthusiastic about putting into practice some of the things I saw at the clinic, with all three of my dogs. I have audited this clinic several times now and every time it has been very well worth it.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pineapple Express

We're having what is called a Pineapple Express! Though it sounds like a juicy cocktail, it's actually a term for a warm, very wet storm on the Northern California coast. The water is very welcome although most of us had forgotten where we put our rain gear, and needed to go searching for it.

We have not had this much rain in about fourteen months (December 2012). No wonder there is a drought. 

Ryme is showing us his delight in having water to run and play in. With some sun next week we may get actual grass started for the sheep!

Ryme in the flooded pasture

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rain, Glorious Rain

We had RAIN on Sunday, glorious, delicious rain! It was so welcome and almost totally unexpected. It rained lightly almost all day. It's not enough to end our drought, but it certainly was nice! Today I noticed that certain areas along the road sides are starting to green up as a result.

There are a few more days in our forecast with showers and rain predicted. I keep praying that it is true...

Just so we have a visual of how things should are a couple of photos from last year with green grass. We just need more of this!