Saturday, February 9, 2008

Like a Different Dog

He's "like a different dog." Bid, that is.

We went to the trainer's for a lesson today and Bid wowed us with a couple of beautiful 400-yard outruns (one to each side) as well as a lot of nice driving at a distance, on the hills. Our trainer kept saying that Bid is "like a different dog." I could not be more pleased with Bid's effort.

At this point, the only problems are mine, with timing as well as needing to trust that Bid can do what I ask and when I ask it. Our trainer says that the purpose of training is for making mistakes, so I need to really try those things--such as bringing Bid a bit further inside on a cross drive--when we are there for practice.

Coal and I are still "coming to an understanding" although his work on his own is incredibly correct. He just needs to obey me when I ask, and then his training will take off like mad. For his age he is doing quite well, and I hope that besides my insistence on obedience, time and a bit more maturity will help to sort out some of the rough spots.

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