Friday, June 6, 2008

Naughty Sheep, Bad News/Good News

The sheep have so far not been able to graze the multitudes of grass at their new digs because they have been very naughty. They ran away the evening of Memorial Day through the woods and creeks and were found noon of the next day at a neighboring ranch. After being returned, they have been jailed in their pen until more fencing can be upgraded and added. We tried to take them out to graze under supervision last Sunday, but three ewes bolted again into the woods. They were out overnight but found their way back to their mates in the pen. What a frustrating experience. To be continued.

Coal somehow managed to get a foxtail in his "posterior" sometime in the past few weeks. After three visits to two different veterinary establishments we finally have success. The foxtail has been removed and he is well on the way to recovery. So much for my economic stimulus package!

Bid turns nine in a couple of weeks and for this and other reasons he went into the vet as well for a checkup and blood work. The good news is that all of his tests came out perfectly normal, including thyroid.

We are hoping that things settle down with both sheep and dogs, that the foxtails drop off sooner rather than later to become dust, and that our many upcoming sheepdog trials go well. Whew!

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