Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back to Pescadero, July 20

We went back to Willowside Ranch in Pescadero again this weekend for an AHBA trial on Sunday. In contrast to "hot" Dixon, CA, it was typically cool, foggy, and misty in Pescadero--that great coastal dog/sheep trialling weather!

Bid got 86.5 points in HRD-III (sheep) for a 12th HTCH leg.

Coal took third place in a fairly competitive HRD-II (sheep) class for his first leg at that level.

Even Chief got in some practice on his obedience during the down time, with several willing participants helping with his stand for exam. With persistence, we may get there!

The dogs worked very well and the level of competition was very high. Many thanks to the Pescadero crew for providing us with another fun day of AHBA trialling in a fantastic facility.

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