Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Pics of Chief, or Fingers Crossed

I realize I don't write much about Chief. Here are some more recent photos of him. In the past couple of months he's been on the injured reserve list once again, but recently seems to be sound enough to put back in the training lineup. So, Tuesday night I tried working him briefly on the sheep. He walked out sound after working and even better, walked and ran sound this morning and evening at the park. So those wonderful Chinese herbs as well as the more traditional Western herb/supplement formula are doing the trick, along with time off. Fingers, paws, and all are tightly crossed for continued soundness!

Even though Chief doesn't get much "press" in the blog, he is an integral part of the family group. When we are out together, Coal never lets Chief out of his sight; they are close buddies. I am very thankful to have Chief around to watch over the rest of us.
This last photo is really silly and not in keeping with his character, but just too fun not to include.

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Donna said...

Chief looks great. Glad to hear he's sound and working again.