Monday, October 6, 2008

A Chance to Reflect - the Harvest Fair

A good friend told me today, "not having a great working experience is helpful by letting you reflect back on it and grow from it." Since Coal's and my performance yesterday at the Harvest Fair was not one of our best, I think I have a great chance to reflect and grow! Coal and I were just not in synch together and there were other problems, including environmental ones. Going to the fair was a good experience for Coal. He needs mileage and seasoning and I have to remember that he is doing an awful lot for a pup who just turned two. Below is just one example of the sights and sounds of the Fair!

Photo Credit: Kent Porter / The Press Democrat

Our training routine also needs a change of pace, so I'm going to make some alterations to what we do this week, and also will try to set up a practice somewhere in a different location for the weekend.

This Sunday both Coal and Bid will run in the last RESDA trial of the year, up in Mendocino County. I am thankful that it is in a large open field, and not a small covered arena!

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