Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rime is 14 Weeks

Rime is now 14 weeks old
Rime is fitting into the group well, and is growing so fast. Already, he is 16 pounds. Chief is a great puppy baby sitter and plays endlessly with Rime without being too much for him. Coal has his nose a bit out of joint and while he plays well with the puppy, sometimes he can play a bit too hard.
Bid is now getting acupuncture treatment for his back issue; fingers, toes and paws are all crossed that this will help him to return to activity. The DVM who saw him for this procedure was utterly impressed by his heart and his overall health. Bid will get a few weekly treatments and then we'll assess how to proceed from there. Acupuncture was a great help to Augie, so we're hoping it will do the same or better for Bid.
Otherwise we are on the countdown until next Friday's Nursery trial at the Sonoma Wine Country Sheepdog Trial. There are at least 15 dogs entered in Coal's Nursery classes; he will have two runs on Friday.

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