Monday, May 16, 2011

Spencer Pt Pleasant SDT 5-15-11

It was a busy weekend of driving here and there. Coal and I ran at the Pt. Pleasant sheepdog trial outside of Elk Grove on Sunday. I took a bunch of pictures of the Pro-Novice class (but unfortunately did not get everyone, and no pics of the open class). The pictures are here in a Picasa album:


Sunday's weather was crazy and changeable. Storm cells rolled through with regularity, giving us shows of lightning and a sound track of thunder.

Dark skies over the trial field
Luckily it did not rain on most of the runs. Coal and I took our turn late afternoon and the weather was fine for us. We also got a nice set of sheep who were willing to separate for the split and single but yet moved together nicely on the outwork and drive. He was pretty amped up (no doubt due to the cool air, the weather, and waiting all day) so he was all gas and no brakes! That was kind of fun though and while he didn't listen to me very well we managed to finish the course with a decent score.

Saturday we attended a friend's celebration of an extraordinary achivement. It was good to see old friends and visit with new. It was a good socializing opportunity for Rime. Saturday morning Rime and I had a good lesson with our trainer, working on outruns. It was indeed a busy but productive weekend.

It's a bit sad that our local USBCHA trialling season is now completed until fall. Thanks to the Spencers once again, and their crew, for providing us with another opportunity to run our dogs!

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