Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Urban Ovines

Each year a flock of sheep is brought in to the area surrounding the office complex where I work, to graze down the hillsides and the open land between the buildings. A herder is kept very busy moving electronet, and checking and moving sheep, day after day. The process goes on for several weeks while the sheep move through the office park. This has become the annual tradition at the office. On our breaks we can be seen at the large windows watching the sheep's movement. There is a popular walking trail past where the sheep graze. Many folks can be seen stopping to watch the sheep on their lunchtime walks, and taking pictures with their camera phones such as the one above. I haven't been able to count them but I am guessing there are at least a hundred head of young adults and older lambs in this particular group. With lamb prices the way they are, it is quite an investment out there munching on those hillsides. I'm sure it's as close as a lot of the joggers and walkers have ever been to a live sheep.  It's nice to see the rural dovetailed with the urban.

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