Monday, July 25, 2011

Various Photos from the Height of Summer Time

Wow, things have been pretty busy lately! Here are some recent photos of the happenings:

Rime at the Willowside fun trial July 17, 2011 in Pescadero
Photo Credit Barb McPherson
The above picture of Rime was taken at setout so it shows him starting his fetch in the P-N on day two. Yes he's going pretty fast but for Rime this is fairly good - the lift and first part of the fetch have been his challenging area - so the fact that he's holding himself together and his tail is down - is all good!

Rime cooling off - "Wolf in a Bucket" - at one of our sheep fields
Yes all those long legs fit into a teeny bucket. Actually the bucket is larger than it appears in the perspective of the photo but it's a funny one and has created a lot of laughs...

Cookie, a guard llama at one of the other fields where we work
Natchez, Cookie's "partner" who always has his ears back!
We are learning to work with llamas as guardian animals for the sheep. Luckily these two are pretty well socialized and were trained to lead before they moved in. Still it is a bit daunting to be around such a large animal when you are not used to them. We'll get better at it. The dogs are giving them a pretty wide berth - which is fine by me. The grass is drying out enough at this field that we can get back in to work dogs again. We've stayed out of this field for almost two months due to foxtail danger and so forth. It's good to be back!

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