Tuesday, August 30, 2011

RESDA Pro-Novice Class, Oak Springs Trial

Last Saturday we had the RESDA Oak Springs Trial. Rather than talk about the Open class first like I normally do, I thought I'd focus on the RESDA-style Pro-Novice class first for once.  The RESDA Pro-Novice class is a training opportunity for dogs and handlers alike, to gain some experience in a trial setting without the formality of running in RESDA Open. (Neither RESDA class has any bearing on a person or dog's status in USBCHA trials.)

George Powell is always videoing us so that we have mementos of our runs as well as a potential training tool for discovering our handler errors, in my case many. He and his Gracie had such a nice run this past Saturday that I thought I'd put up the photos that I took of them (which are nowhere near the quality of his videos!).

George and Gracie head out to the field
George and Gracie go to the "post" which in this case is the pen
Gracie has done her outrun and is picking up the sheep off the stock handler. George has moved up to help her on the outrun.
On the fetch
Bringing the sheep around the pen ("post") which will complete their fetch
Fetch is nearly done
Heading for Panel #1
Setting up Panel #1 (one side has blown over)
Panel 1 complete 
There is a dip in the field to Panel #2 but George and Gracie get it
The chute is optional in this class, but George and Gracie get it!
And they get the pen too! Well done!

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