Saturday, September 3, 2011

RESDA Oak Springs Open run for Coal

I am so far behind on blogs, but here are last weekend's photos taken by Teri, of Coal and me running RESDA Open at the Oak Springs trial. What started out as a really beautiful run (zero off the outrun and lift) turned into a boondoggle as I was unable to whistle - at all - on the drives. The dry weather and other factors seemed to combine into a repeat of our poor performance at the first day of the Hopland trial last year when I also couldn't whistle. Sigh. Then we ran out of time before I closed the pen gate on a beautiful pen that followed a beautiful chute. That's dog trialin'!

Coal at the post

Coal lifting beautifully


And around the "post" (pen) they go...

First part of the driveaway...just as whistle meltdown occurred!


Drive to 1st panel


Drive to 2nd panel confounded by no whistling from the handler!

Putting 'em thru the chute...

Penning as fast as we can...

But not fast enough. Time was called before we completed the pen.

A quick order was put into Operation Sheep Herding for a couple of new whistles post haste last Sunday. They arrived Thursday and I started using the new Corian "Moss" whistle right away to try to get used to it.

This weekend we are at the Scottish Highland Games in Pleasanton at the NCWSA sheepdog trial there. Neither of my dogs are really the right type of dog to do well in this type of venue but we are supporting the club by being there. And everyone seems to be having a good time!

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