Sunday, July 8, 2012

Marin County Fair 2012

Wednesday, July 4th, we went to the Marin County Fair RESDA sheepdog trial. It's always a fun fair with a huge crowd, and lots of really interested and thoughtful spectators. I took a few photos of the first few dogs in the trial and then unfortunately neglected to pick up the camera again for the rest of the trial. Anyway here are a few shots of what I did capture with the camera:

Bill S and Chance completing the fetch

Karen K and Dickens complete the chute

Angus and the sheep

Tom T and Angus getting the chute

Tom T and Angus penning!

Sharon H and Dylan penning!

Hard working setout crew - thanks!!!
Coal and I have not practiced arena work as we've been focusing on our USBCHA trials all year. His last several sheepdog trials have been on huge courses out in the open, and our work at Marin on Wednesday was clearly not our best. I think I'm personally finding it harder and harder to flip back and forth between the two methods. The temperatures were relatively cool with a nice breeze blowing in off the ocean there in San Rafael. The sheep provided by Bill Berhow worked really nicely and were so consistent even though they are not accustomed to arena work nor the chute obstacle. It was hard to beat to find a better spot to spend July 4th.  Thanks to all who helped make it a fun day!

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