Monday, October 29, 2012


So, the Giants won the World Series and while I am not a huge baseball fan, just about everyone else I know and work with is a huge Giants fan. I am glad that one is over! The fireworks last night in town when the game was complete were very scary for Chiefie. He gets very upset and the other dogs do too, but to a lesser degree. I am very fortunate, I know, in so many ways but I do get frustrated with the constant firecrackers in the town where I live. They shoot off firecrackers for just about anything, or nothing....oh to live a little farther out or in one of the surrounding towns where firecrackers are not tolerated. That said it is just a teeny blip on the radar of what other people are dealing with in their lives so we will manage. Chiefie is fine this morning and all is forgotten until next time.

The other boys and I are feeling some success with the homework we started on three weeks ago. We had a great lesson yesterday with our trainer and the work we are putting in, week to week, is starting to show. We are still far from perfect but we were much more in synch and able to do things. Yeah! I even got to shed with Coal on those impossible-to-shed sheep. Coal was much more flexible and while he will never be totally flexible due to his extreme eye, he can be kept more in tune if I am more diligent with it. Ryme did two outruns, one to each side, and both were good. His natural pace on the fetches and drives is showing just teeny bits of improvement and our work together is improving. Our trainer says we are "so close". We shared a lesson time with another dog who is very similar to mine; I learned a lot by listening to the exchange between trainer and handler on that dog. It is so much easier to process, at least for me, when you are not the one in the hot seat!

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