Sunday, November 4, 2012

What a Wonderful Book!

I'm in the midst of reading a wonderful sheepdog book, One Man's Way by Austin Bennett. A friend loaned me this book and I had no idea what to expect other than I'd seen it listed many times in the various catalogs.

The book is a compilation of twenty interviews from the Working Sheepdog News in the UK. The interviews contain so much information about the handler being discussed which is enough in itself..but also the colorful description by the author of the geographical location of each person makes you feel like you are sitting in the car with him driving to each farm. There is a lot about each handler's training philosophy, and details such as whether they prefer to breed their own dogs or buy started prospects. Of course the interviews contain photos of the handler being interviewed, and also at the end of each chapter there is a full pedigree of one of the particular handler's famous dogs.

It has been a real joy to read this book...each chapter is like a unique book in itself, so I am savoring them slowly. The chapter on Johnny Wilson - that I read last night -  just blew me away...his philosophy on raising and starting a dog, and training them just meshed so perfectly with my own very meager views and experiences.

When I can afford it I am going to buy my own copy of this book and I am sure it is something I will pull out again and again when I want a good read, or am just looking for a tidbit here and there about a particular dog. Highly one for the book!


Ann said...

Thanks for the tip. Just ordered it from Border Collies In Action. . .Amazon had it for $70 more! A few other things happened to click their way into my shopping basket, too!

Billy said...

It's one of the best books I've ever read.
I see now that the Outrun Press book Top Trainers Talk ... is based on a similar format but One Mans Way is much more rich and complex.