Sunday, December 23, 2012

Some Photos of the Boys..

My visiting friend was nice enough to take some lovely new photos of the boys...

Chiefie holding court in front of the (gas) fireplace...staying warm on an early December night!

Were I more talented with the computer I would Photoshop a chess set inbetween these two!

Chiefie has claimed the stick and dares anyone else to take it!

Chiefie smiles...

Coal waits at the gate....not necessarily patiently! If you think about it, dogs do a lot of waiting...we could learn some patience from them. :-)

Guess which side of the fence the sheep are on?

Coal going around the sheep to the left.

Coal cooling off in the water tub...amazing how he enters from the right yet always ends up inside the paddock!

Neve has to sample the hay before he allows the sheep to eat it. Just being a good guardian dog and all!

Coal: "LOL! I can't figure out how I got in with the sheep! O.M.G. I guess I might have to go round them up since I'm already in here..."

Ryme brings them smartly across the pasture.

Ryme has them under control taking them to the gate.

Flanking Ryme around on the come bye...

Sheep and a beautiful sky!

Ryme waits...

Ryme looks through the wooden gate...again waiting patiently.


Amosmum said...

Lovely photographs. I like your idea of the game of chess! :)

Amosmum said...

Lovely photographs.
I like your idea of the chess game - it would make a brilliant picture :)

Billy said...

Thank you Amos'mum...