Sunday, January 27, 2013

That Time of Year...

What dogs do while waiting for mother to work on Turbo Tax...

We know you are busy paying bills and PG&E costs a fortune but would you please turn up the thermostat so we don't have to huddle?
It's that time of year, to get crackin on TurboTax. So what do dogs do while "mom" is busy working on Turbo Tax? The above is what they do. It's totally boring if you are a border collie. Meanwhile "mom" is telling the boys to just be quiet and lie still a little longer  (on a perfectly sunny Sunday - c'mon!!!) because "mom"  has "people things to do". All these "people things" are what keep the roof over your handsome border collie heads!  ha ha!
It is that time of year. The January weekends are short days but getting longer. Some yard work occurred (until the dang chain saw broke and I couldn't fix it - bad words were overheard by passing birds) but was cut short. That project will have to get re-visited.
Some fencing repair at one of the sheep fields was required. Not a big job but one requiring two people. It's a nice feeling to get that sort of thing done before the work week goes into motion again on Monday.
Some dog work occurred. Coal and I are working on our stuff from last weekend's clinic and some other observations that may help us this March. We can only work at it and do our best. Some revelations are getting light shone on Coal's (sometimes) tentative outruns. I may have something to work with there. Fingers crossed and moving forward - yeah!
We have one young ewe who has a huge bag and has looked ready to lamb for at least a week. Her once svelte teenage figure is gone. She hasn't done anything yet. She is a two year old St Croix/Dorper cross who has never lambed before. We wait. It will be the first lamb off of our Cheviot ram lamb. Much anticipated as this is the first ram we have ever had of our own.  Her bag got checked today by someone experienced who pronounced it "beautiful". We wait! The Scotties will take more waiting. Apparently they had higher morals at least for a period of time, than our St Croix/Dorper friend did. 
We're all anxious to see what the little Cheviot fella will produce.  Meanwhile as reward for all his hard work the ram lamb has been moved away from the ewes as of last weekend and is spending his time connecting with his inner guy self living with three wethers on pasture elsewhere for a few months.
Almost time to fill in those entries for Zamora Hills and Sonoma Wine Country sheepdog trials.
A birthday was me. I am grateful to still be around and for many things and for wonderful people.
Yes, it's THAT time of year..............

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