Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer's Here

Summer has arrived!
I had a blast judging the RESDA trial at 7 Oaks Ranch. A pair of agility friends volunteered to clerk and be the timekeeper even though they are not RESDA members. Wow! What generous and thoughtful volunteer action! We had a great time having a picnic under a huge oak tree and watching the dog trial in the best seat in the house. Thank you once again, Celeste and Micky! Woo hoo! And Sue came along to watch as she is figuring out her own judging routine for later in the RESDA year. It was a most enjoyable day. Not too hot, there was a nice breeze all day, and just a wonderful scene laid out in front of us. The handlers and sheepdogs were treated to great sheep from a local provider who brings the most consistent and lovely, well cared-for commercial ewes to a dog trial in two trailer loads among whom you can hardly pick one individual from another. Wow. They make it so easy to judge. I believe they are a cross of dorset and corriedale for the most part, and folks take note, this is a really nice cross for dog work and trialling. And they are beautiful sheep to boot. The field was in beautiful shape, thanks to a huge effort to get it mowed in time for the trial. There were a lot of great runs; I love judging in the field. I was pleased to find out there were no ties in the placements so I felt like I had done my job well in sorting the work of dogs and handlers.

June 21st brought us the Summer Solstice, and more importantly, Alix's birthday. I always think of Alix during the Solstice, which fits her personality I believe...she was always on the upbeat with those happy feet of hers...she would have loved the longest day of the year in which she could have played and run with the boys to the utmost.

This past Sunday I ran Coal and Ryme at the RESDA trial at the Sonoma-Marin Fair. I was super proud of both of my boys, even though we didn't complete the chute or pen, because they both tried very hard and gave it their best. Ryme has come so far! I was wowed by his being able to run out around the arena and pick up the sheep off the rail. This is nothing to some folks but to me I was absolutely wowed. He and I have worked so hard to build his confidence to where he could do this. I know the scores don't show it but both of the boys gave it their best and I was very pleased with them.

I am still working Spot and we are making miniscule little bits of progress, here and there. I am trying to be patient and waiting for that magic age of two years old and beyond where we might be able to expect to pick up the pace of progress, even a little bit. Meanwhile he remains the sweet dog that he has always been, away from the sheep, and has matured into quite the looker despite his funny ears.

Today is Bid's birthday, June 25th, so he has been in my thoughts all day long. It was hard today at my work not to write 6/25/99 all day. What a guy, Bid, always fondly remembered and taken too soon.

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