Tuesday, February 9, 2016

As Long as It Takes

I can't remember exactly why or when I subscribed to Danielle LaPorte's daily "truthbombs" via email but sometimes they are interesting. :) Yesterday's truthbomb #990 was <as long as it takes>. How appropriate. 

I really wanted to make one of those silly hand-printed signs and hang this saying around Spot's neck with baling twine! :-) But creating it on the computer was easier. 

The sickness that has been hanging around our work office for over a month since New Year's Eve, finally did me in, last week. But since it was such a nice sunny weekend, I still took the dogs out to work sheep a little bit on Saturday and Sunday. There is still a lot of mud and standing water but that just makes it easier to break things down and work on getting things correct, close at hand. The dogs do not mind the mud. 

At age nine, Coal is giving me unpredictable up-and-down days of working on the sheep. We have been doing some basics the past few sessions and he seems back up to speed at least for now. He has always been a dog who needs to stay tuned up. We are not entering any of the trials locally, though. I'm sort of bummed but that's how it is. I don't think he is up for a huge outrun on the hills but we still have fun working together. 

Other random thoughts and discussions with others over the past few days, have been: the overwhelming and rising costs of (what may seem somewhat simple) veterinary care for our dogs; the high cost of being involved even in a minimal level in sheepdog trialling; the necessity for a lot more free time and places to work dogs, in order to be involved in sheepdog trialling (again, even at a moderate level). On the up side, we're looking forward to the Knox clinic this weekend at beautiful Hopland. There are many things to ponder. 

Today's truthbomb is, <listen for how to give>. My only New Year's "Resolution" (and I really don't "do" resolutions) was to try to be a better listener. Hummm! :)

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