Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Water, Water (Mud, Mud)

January 2017. Water water everywhere. Water and more water; mud and more mud. Our worries about drought have subsided a little bit.

Spot's face is mud-splattered.

Everyone gets a shower when we get home from the fields when it is this muddy!

Only a little mud. Ryme has to have a haircut.
The boys do not mind a little mud as long as they get to work sheep. Unfortunately, they have not gotten to work sheep very much. There was a hiatus because of just too much rain and mud to safely move the sheep around for such a silly activity as sheepdog training. Lately we have been able to get back to it...thank goodness...the natives were getting quite restless. As if they were not restless enough already, having to wait from Sunday to Saturday in order to work, if a whole weekend was cut out due to torrential rain then we were really starting to have a problem.

Whew...back to it. Working Spot on just three ewes.

We would like to come out in the mud and help you to feed those sheep!
The water is welcome. Our drought was getting scary and serious. It is great to hear that snowpack and reservoir levels are becoming healthier. At least there is some good news. It is winter, after all, and we are supposed to take a bit of a rest. Soon and before we know it, the spring trial season will be here and the pace of things will change. Meanwhile I have caught up on a book or two in the evenings, and have been studying sheepdog videos in the working series on Vimeo.

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