Sunday, February 19, 2017

Near Horizons

I've taken as a new mantra lately, the advice of a management guru, who says (and I may not have the quote exactly correct) to "move to the near horizon; when you are working on a project and it feels like you are unclear on the final objective, start moving in that general direction." There are lots of things going on that folks (including myself) can get wound up about, projecting too far out and worrying about things out of our control. I'm trying to keep breathing and stay centered on that near horizon, and in the present, while still focusing on the steps toward the longer-term achievements that I believe I can work toward if I am diligent. We'll see. :-)

This pretty little blue bird was a merry addition to our Saturday afternoon sheepdog practice.

Coal, still handsome at ten years old.

Spot, focusing on our Scotties

Spot watching carefully this morning.
With all the rain and mud we are experiencing, it is really hard to work dogs, let alone do lots of other things. Many of the roads are closed. You really need to plan your route from point A to point B before you set out. Landslides, flooded roads, and more, are abundant. We are expecting a few more days of rain and wind and then we are hopeful for a break. I am hoping so! We really need a dry out.

It is small potatoes in the big picture of things, but with all this weather, I wonder if we will have any of our spring sheepdog trials this year? Again I'm trying to stay focused on the near horizons and just keep practicing with Spot on all those skills that he and I need.

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livin life said...

Rain...gah! Probably not so much the rain but the MUD! I hear you loud and clear.....hopefully spring is on the near horizon...I've got my eyes looking for it! Best of luck at Sonoma!!!