Sunday, May 21, 2017


Random thoughts. I have just been letting things be since withdrawing from the last Open trial that Spot and I were entered in. I am not pushing any big decisions or choices. Many have asked me what I am going to do. I am just letting it be. Still working, still working my dogs. Riding my exercise bike and trying to do my exercises. Eating healthy. Resting. Letting things be. Feeling a bit blue at times, I admit. Last summer when Spot was sick I realized how important it is to my ongoing well-being to have a dog to work and carry forward with. Still working all the dogs and mainly letting Spot push sheep and working on takeaways from the confidence lesson that we had with Derek last fall.

Meanwhile things float to the surface. Like, when you step to the post (or walk to the line in agility, or run for officer position in an organization, or become a manager in a business, etc.) you put yourself out there in the public eye. Or when you enter a trial and then don't step to the post.  Or when you step to the post (or line) and then retire your run. True friends are supportive. They let you be and come around to whatever choices you need to make in your own time. When you want to talk it through, later, they listen (sometimes endlessly - gah! ) and offer suggestions.

What else happens is out of my control so that is how I am choosing to view it.  Observers have opinions gained on the sidelines but not on the trial field.  Still others somehow think it is their business what that handler does after they step away from the line. This is the contract that we make when we step to the line or the post despite that fact that it is nobody's business but our own as to what we do. We agree that our actions are viewed and public. Much like writing a blog! :)

Letting things be sometimes lets positive things happen.

My opinion is this. If I step to that post and send my dog, I am far and away a winner no matter what the outcome is of that run.

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