Sunday, December 2, 2018

New Month

We're now into December. Thankfully, we are getting some rain. This is what our skies looked like, for several weeks of November:

The smoke was from the deadly #Camp Fire.  Just too much unimaginable loss there; the trauma for many is ongoing...

Meanwhile, the daylight is very short, so I have little time to work dogs, but I am managing to squeeze in some short training sessions here and there on week nights by starting my real work at 6:30 a.m., and of course on the weekends. Cap is coming along well.  This picture is from last Sunday:

We went for a lesson in Zamora, yesterday. I'll be working on lengthening the outrun and increasing Cap's scope. I got good information from the lesson, and enjoyed watching the others. There is a hint of green on the fields! Yippee!

Out of curiosity, I sent  Cap's DNA into Paw Prints for the border collie profile. He came back as a Normal on all of the tests except that he is a CEA carrier. This is good information to have. I'm glad he is just a carrier and not affected of course. Now I just wish a DNA test for the EAOD would be released.

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