Saturday, January 26, 2008


It's very difficult to write about Augie. He is the one that dog people would say is my "heart dog". Rather than try to describe him all at once, I will introduce him and then likely will write more individually about various Augie remembrances.
Augie was born August 20, 1992. He came to me as an eight week old puppy. He seemed like a wise old soul, even then. Of course he was exuberant like any young border collie, but he had an air about him that spoke of dignity, bravery, and willingness.
Among many other actitivities, with Augie I finally got to try my dream of sheepherding. He was fearless and had strong heading instinct. He never let the sheep get the best of him.
Augie was a lot of dog and never quit. He was my protector, my soulmate and companion. He had the heart of a lion yet was gentle enough to visit the nursing home. He left us May 11, 2007, but he is never far from my thoughts.

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