Friday, January 11, 2008

Why "One for the Book"?

Over the past several years we have laughed and cried over events surrounding our pursuit of training sheepdogs, and as a result, in keeping sheep. Memorable events were given the designation, "one for the book". The original "book content" was humorously termed, "A Restaurant Review of the I-80 Corridor" but soon the tales quickly branched out into sheep and dog escapades of all kinds.

For me, the sheepdog pursuit began with my first border collie, "Alix", who ironically, did not really herd sheep. She never had much chance to even see sheep until she was older, so any instinct that she may have been born with, was pretty much gone. But without Alix there would be no further border collies to lead me down this path. As a result the next post will probably be about her.

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