Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chief's Father, Paddy

The only bad thing about dogs is that they leave us too soon. We heard this week that Chief's father, Paddy, has passed away. Paddy was about 13 and a half years old and very much adored by his family. Besides being Chief's father, Paddy was a full brother to Augie, so his passing is particularly sad. Here is a picture of Paddy and Augie together when they were much younger; they were about two years apart in age (Augie was the older). Paddy is on the left, and Augie is on the right.

The news of Paddy's passing brought back lots of memories of the dogs who were related, including Raven and Megan. Here is a picture of Augie with another of his and Paddy's brothers, Tom, in their much younger days.

The family resemblance is pretty easy to see in this photo of Chief. I hope he stays with me for a good long while.

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