Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Memories of Special Dogs

This was a rough week for special dogs, apparently. We got word that Augie's brother, Tom, (the white-faced dog pictured with Augie in the March 15th post) also passed away this past week. This was in addition to his full brother, Paddy (Chief's father). Tom was well suited to his owner, who described him as a "big gentle border collie" who was loved by all who met him.

Unrelated of course, a very special Samoyed named Jake, also passed away this week. We got word of Jake's passing from herding friends. Jake was a great ambassador for his breed, as well as for AHBA. We feel very fortunate to have met Jake, and to watch him work livestock, and also to experience his gentleness around a crowd of people.

All of these adored dogs were 13, 14, or almost 15 years old.

Here is Augie as a younger dog displaying the spirit that I would like to remember all of these great dogs by.

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