Sunday, November 9, 2008

Catching Up

Things have been crazy for at least a week. November has truly brought winter to the forefront. Heavy rains last weekend took a toll. We lost one lamb to pneumonia last weekend during the downpours, unfortunately. Midweek, another lamb belonging to a friend, at the field that we share with her, was killed by an unknown predator (fox or bobcat as theorized by the county trapper upon viewing the remains). As a result all the lambs have been moved to a safer location.

With the time change it is dark so early, and due to a much longer job commute for me these days it makes it necessary to get in just a quick work with one dog, usually Coal, in the early weekday mornings if at all, while I feed. We now have sheep in two places and often both fields need attention daily. It makes for plenty of real work for the dogs which is welcome even if time-consuming. But, any real work sessions of any length will have to wait for daylight on the weekends or other days off for the next few months.

The election is over and all the questions associated with it, including the whys and hows remaining to be hashed out. We can just hope that things in this country and internationally will settle down a bit and people will be a bit less panicky. I was disappointed that California Proposition 8 passed, which I found somewhat surprising. I was not surprised that Proposition 2 passed, although I had hoped that it would not. I'm sure there will be fallout from both measures.

It's also less than three weeks until Thanksgiving. And, our last Pro-Novice sheepdog trial for 2008 is this coming Friday at Zamora. It's hard to believe that fall 2008 is whizzing by so fast!

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