Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving week approaches, I'd like to say Happy Thanksgiving to all. This collage is from last year but still applies. I'm happy to say that all three dogs are thriving and doing well. The leaves are falling again, requiring my attention, and I can't believe another year has passed. It's been a year of tremendous change.

Coal is turning into a reliable sheepdog. We had a lesson yesterday with our trainer who proclaimed, "you've got yourself a dog". At not quite 27 months Coal is doing good outruns (up to 350 yards yesterday) and learning to drive fairly well, although we have a few issues that are to be expected at this age. He's a good penner and what little beginning shedding we have done, he seems to love. I am hoping he will do well in the trials next year. I am extremely thankful for him and all the dogs, not to mention great friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving!

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