Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More on DNA, UCD and UCSF

A while back, I reported that Chief's and Bid's DNA had been accepted into UC Davis' groundbreaking border collie epilepsy study. They were being used as controls, since they do not have epilepsy.

Dr. Mark Neff, the UCD researcher, has decided to share the border collie DNA from his project with the team working at UCSF on the Canine Behavioral Genetics Project. With each dog owners' permission, Dr. Neff will forward to the UCSF team the genetic data from the dogs in the UCD study. I compliment these researchers on their willingness to share their data.

In Dr. Neff's letter, he writes that their epilepsy research is ongoing and that they are "following up several possible leads across the dog genome". Also as part of the epilepsy study, the UCD research team has helped to validate an efficient gene-mapping resource called a "SNP chip".

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