Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pro-Novice in Pleasant Grove, CA

Yesterday we ran Pro-Novice at the spic-and-span facility known as Performance Dogs in Action, in Pleasant Grove, CA (where the hospitality was marvelous). Though it was a small course, the sheep were tricky, and as usual it was they who sorted out the placings.

Bid had to run first in the running order which put me at a disadvantage to know how to handle the sheep. The sheep were fast and flighty but extremely velcro, which made them very hard to pen. Bid gave it his best, although we timed out with no pen, earning 67 points and second place.

Coal ran next to last and though he had watched several lifts, he was unsure where the sheep were being set out. Since he is only two years old and not as experienced as Bid, I totally understand why he did what he did, which was run up the field looking for sheep but not displaying a very beautiful outrun! Anyway he kicked out at the last second, gathered his sheep and from there on put in a very nice run to get 60.5 points, one of only two pens of the day (only 1/2 point off the pen) and fourth place.

Thanks to all of the crew at PDIA for a very fun and relaxed local trial!

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