Friday, July 3, 2009

CA Assembly Appropriations Committee -- Action Alert!

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The California Assembly Appropriations Committee is scheduled for a hearing and vote on SB 250 on July 15. To be included in the committee's bill analysis, letters need to be received by July 8.

We know we can kill this mandatory spay/neuter bill, but we need a lot more people to get involved to make that happen. SB 250 has squeaked by with the bare minimum number of votes 3 times in the past 2 months. Your letters to the Appropriations Committee can make a difference. Please ask your network of friends and club members to also send letters.

We have some sample letter templates to make it easier for those who struggle writing letters. We are also offering to fax your letters for you, at no charge.

FYI on the process: your letters sent to the Senate do not count in the Assembly. Your letters sent to the Assembly B&P Committee do not count in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. We didn't make the rules; that's the system.

Laura Sanborn

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