Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Marin Fair

The Marin Fair was Sunday. Unlike the prior weekend when it was so darn hot, this time it was cool which was great for the dogs and the sheep. I looked forward to this trial as the people who come to watch are always such a kick. Usually there are people shoulder to shoulder all around the arena and they just adore the dogs. This year was no exception.

Coal drew a tough lot of three sheep. Two of them were calling to their mates/friends/lambs/moms the whole time and he had to fight this extreme pressure all the way around the course as they constantly tried to run to the exhaust and/or letout. This showed up in our score which ended up placing us at 11th, just out of the ribbons. Coal did a great job and our only issues were the sheep that were fighting him. Neither of us made any huge errors so I'll just chalk it up to the (un)luck of the draw.

When we exited the arena, Coal was mobbed by fans who were wanting to pet him. This is the part that made the whole trial worthwhile. He got tons of adoring comments and attention. That kind of PR we can really use in this day and age and it truly put a smile on my face.

Next stop: USBCHA Nursery at the Is-It-Worth-It trial in Lebanon, Oregon.

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