Sunday, April 18, 2010

RESDA Slaven Trial April 2010

Today was the RESDA trial at Slaven's in Zamora. It was held on Henry's Hill (same gorgeous setting and location as the big USBCHA trial in February). The course was a hybrid with two driven panels combined with a RESDA-style chute and pen. There were 24 Open dogs. Coal ran 6th so it was still a little bit cool out but it was definitely warming up. The dogs are not used to heat yet since we have had so much rain this winter. The ewes had been sheared the day before so they were a challenge, but very even.

Out of 24 runs there were no runs with chutes completed and only two runs with pens completed. Those two runs gave you your first and second place winners, of course. Coal took third place and I am very pleased with his work.


Thanks to all who helped to make the trial happen!

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