Sunday, April 4, 2010

RESDA Spring Trial 2010

Yesterday was the first trial of the RESDA season, the Spring Trial at the Johnson Ranch in Mendocino County. The weather was forgiving after many days and weeks of rain. The field was beautiful and the sheep were wild 'n' wooly, just as they should be! We had a mixture of the ranch's mature ewes, white-faced yearlings and black-faced ewes (yearlings also?) to use for the trial, which made sorting out the runs a real puzzle. I do not envy our judge. No one got the chute all day. The winner was Nancy with Lad and second place went to Sandra with Drift.

Coal ran well and placed third (out of 27 entries in the Open class). Coal and I had one older ewe, one young white-faced ewe and one black-faced ewe (just to keep things interesting) to work with. I was really pleased with how he handled these mostly-undogged sheep who weren't too interested in staying on the course either with us nor together!

Results can be found here.

Some random photos that I took can be found here.

Trial Field
The next RESDA event will be in two weeks at the Slaven Ranch.

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