Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pam Cornell, a Truly Great Lady

The stockdog world has lost a great lady -- Pam Cornell -- who owned Willowside Ranch in Pescadero, CA. Pam was a purposeful lady who created a dream showcase for many folks in which to work their dogs on sheep, geese, and other stock. Pam was the definition of "Class" in every sense of the word. I know she would not want us to be sad but we are all very much affected by the news of her passing.

I can see her working her beloved dog, "Tar" on the sheep. I recall her telling the story lovingly how Tar laid down on a duck at the Collie Family Showcase that one year, simply because she told him to "lie down, Tar!". Tar simply adored Pam, as we all did. Pip, "the Queen of the Ducks" and Pam were a force to be reckoned with on the AHBA trial course..I can't count how many times Pip took first or second place in the duck classes with her prowess. Pam was always cheery, always encouraging, always positive. Her vision for the ranch is something that enabled many of us in Northern California (and from other parts of the country as visitors, as well) to gain experience, follow our hearts, and live our dreams. I can't thank Pam enough.

Pam (in pale blue sweater) accepting an AHBA trial placement ribbon from Linda Rorem at Willowside Ranch in Feb. 2009
It was truly a privilege to know Pam, and as someone else said, it is a very sad time in the border collie community.

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