Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chiefie Sheepdog Photos 2004-2007

Since we are in the middle of winter and there isn't much current to blog about, I mentioned that I might post some photos of Chief. He often doesn't get much "press" here in the blog like he should. People often ask me whether I have worked him on the sheep in the past. Here are some photos of Chiefie from late 2004. The photo quality (not digital) is not very good but I liked the quiet way that he was working. 

The next few photos were all taken in late 2005 with a nice digital camera.

Like any good sheepdog, Chiefie liked to cool off in the water tank after working.

Digital photos above by T. Tucker.

The following photos are from early January 2007.

These were taken by Pam Sturtz when she was visiting us all the way from New York.

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