Monday, January 24, 2011

My Fellow Aquarians

My fellow Aquarians: once again, it's winter time and there isn't much sheepdog-ish to blog about. For me there was some excitement because yesterday was my birthday. This is a milestone I try to avoid, but others insist upon celebrating it, so I went along with the festivities. What other interesting stuff is there going on mid-winter, anyway? ;-)  The football games held the interest of many; I was torn between the Packers and the Bears since both are so representative of the midwest and "home" to me that it was hard to choose.

I got some very fun and interesting presents. From Bob T and Mary T, arrived a "Border Collie Trial Emergency Kit". The "kit" consisted of a Subway gift card and a WalMart gift card. I thought this was inventive! The Ts are always creative and thoughtful! What could be better than lunch money plus mad money for a few necessities?

From TT, breakfast at Big Daddy's, and a new book. Of course he has already read it but I am looking forward to reading it myself:

On Facebook there were so many birthday well wishes (including some strong and smart ladies who share the same birthday date!) that it was almost overwhelming. I have to say, I love Facebook. I thought I wouldn't have time for it but the connections re-connected are well worth any time invested. I particularly enjoy the home-town folks with whom I would otherwise not be in touch. I beg to differ with anyone who says that the social media make us more isolated, when the opposite is so clearly true.

NC, DB and CB surprised me with a tailgate party at the park with a lovely bottle of most-quaffable Korbel. Who else gets to toast her birthday with some of the Russian River Valley's finest bubbly, in the company of great friends and dogs, and then walk maybe 50 yards home?

From the other TT, a lovely wind chime to keep me centered and thoughtful. From LD and DD a money order that will pay for a sheepdog lesson - yes! I am getting those lessons next weekend come what may.

The other CB didn't know it was my birthday but gave me a lovely ISDS sheepdog calendar that had been backordered for Christmas. Did I want it? Of course!

I got beautiful cards both in the mail and e-cards via the internet. I thank you all for your thoughtfullness! It was a nice day, having breakfast, working dogs, working dogs some more, then relaxing and heading to the park to let the dogs just be dogs...then toasting with friends. Ahhh. Here's to 5,000 more hits on the blog.

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