Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Mystery Novel Set in Northern California

Over the years I count myself very fortunate to have worked with and for some incredibly gifted, bright, and intelligent folks...and (near and dear to my frustrated writer's heart) some who are talented and published writers. While this new book has nothing to do with dogs or sheep, it is still a book -- and this blog being named One For the Book -- it seems most appropriate to talk about it here.

At my first job in Sonoma County, I worked in small firm that was basically a writer's shop where we produced written materials and the graphics to go with them, that were all about the utility industry, utilities research, energy efficiency and the like. I was not a writer, but was the lowly jack-of-all trades assistant; however, it was a great atmosphere in which to work. All of the writers were great to deal with and each had a special skill, talent, or specialty area. Come to find out, and not surprisingly, many of them had little personal "writing projects" on the side. My former boss, Frederick Weisel, had a novel started at that time and it has finally come into print. The website (and cover design for the book as well) was designed by our former graphics designer in that shop, who is also incredibly hard-working and talented. I count it as one of my many blessings to work with such great people. It was hard to leave that group when another job opened up for me that had greater responsibilities and better benefits.

The new mystery novel, "Teller" - by Frederick Weisel-  is available to shop locally at Copperfields Books . You can check out the book on the author's website, They have put together some neat videos where the author explains unusual background details from the book that are native or unique to this wine-country region.

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