Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ryme is Three Years Old

Original photo by Lisa Dillon

Today is Ryme's third birthday. We didn't get to celebrate by working sheep, as we normally would, because Ryme is still recuperating from the lameness in his left rear leg. I so hope that he and I can go back to working sheep regularly at some point. He sees the chiropractor in a week so I am hoping for good news then. Meanwhile he is laid off except for teeny bits of working, bringing in the ewes and new baby lambs which requires a minimum of running, plus a slight bit of freedom at the field or at the park with his friends. I played around with the original photo above with my photo software and decided on the grid pattern since it shows Ryme as a work in progress... and just putting it out there that his design is not complete and will be able to have more fine tuning! Tonight we made doggie birthday cupcakes which are now cooling on the stove. The dogs are all anxiously awaiting a portion of their baked treat! Special thanks to Lisa Dillon who provided me with a couple of CDs worth of photos that I am having great fun with!

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Kathy said...

What a handsome boy. Happy Birthday, Ryme!! Hope you're back out working full time soon.