Saturday, January 28, 2012

Late January Already

Coal watching Angus working the sheep (see album link below)
It is hard to believe that we are into the last weekend of January already. We did get some of the rain that we have been praying for, however most of this past week has been back to sunny and nice during the day -- and to my surprise last night -- cold and frosty again at night! What's up with that? We need more rain to catch up with normal totals and to grow more grass...but I admit that it has been nice to dry out for a few days.

My camera has been gathering mothballs for months. But, last weekend I got it out and took some photos of Angus working with some ewes and older lambs that belong to a friend. Tom is planning to give Angus a go in Nursery this spring/summer. Angus is looking good! Here is a link to a Picasa album with all of the pics that I took and posted. Oh yeah and there are a couple of gratuitous pictures of Coal in the album ...I really need to get new photos of the other boys also!

Angus moving the ewes and lambs
Lame dog update: Chiefie is showing good progress in healing up from his latest psoas injury. I am still not letting him go back to unlimited park time but then with the rain and early darkness the park dog group has been on very limited meeting schedule anyway. Just as well, for Chiefie although I am sure he would not agree.

Ryme is also showing some good progress: I am holding my breath! In the last week or two I have been letting him work sheep just a tiny bit, doing some little chore or another.  Just doing some driving, or a small gather of sheep that already want to come in, or marching around the very slow ewes and lambs who see no reason to move. In the past couple of days I have also let Ryme run off leash a bit more. Fingers crossed! So far, he looks good with absolutely no lameness. He has put on weight though in this layoff, despite me cutting back on his food. It will take a while to get him back in condition once he is proclaimed ready to really work. I am hopeful though. I still plan to have him xrayed when finances allow. But it would be really nice to have my dog back.

In other news, Mr Chewy has requested that I review his website. This might be fun. I hope I can do some sort of giveaway out of it as a result. Since my dogs mostly eat raw I am not as familiar with all the brands and prices that are out there. We do use some canned food and of course treats and biscuits are never turned away! Mr Chewy also carries our emergency food, Honest Kitchen dehydrated, so I can check their prices and service on that. We have a local shop right around the corner where I can buy "HK" but I know that isn't true for a lot of folks. If you have several dogs and don't want to lug sacks of dog food I think this ordering with free shipping might make a whole lot of sense. Stay tuned and have a great rest of the weekend!

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