Saturday, January 14, 2012

Waiting for Rain

We are anxiously awaiting the forecasted rain that is on the calendar for next week. Fingers crossed that it materializes! Above is a photo of Coal that I really like, where he is wet and muddy, taken last winter. I "doctored" it a little bit in my photo software -- just playing around -- but I am putting this up as a token invite for Mother Nature to bless us with some much-needed wet stuff. Yes? The pastures and everything else sorely needs it. On our trip to the Central Valley last weekend it was mind-blowing to see the Altamont Pass hills comprised of nothing but dry, brown dirt. Not a stitch of grass hardly, anywhere. Frightening...rain please!

Updates on the lame dogs: Chiefie is slowly improving but his psoas (groin pull) injury will probably take months to fully heal. It seems to be a vulnerable spot for him now that it has happened three times. I will have to watch him very carefully although his enthusiasm is high for doing anything, right now. He may be ten years old, and lame, but he's still a border collie!

Ryme saw our wonderful chiropractor this past week for his monthly appointment. She felt that he has made a lot of progress, but we are "not there yet". That's all right - I wasn't really expecting her to cut us loose this week - but now we are into a new phase of walking at varying speeds and doing a couple of PT exercises. The one exercise and how Ryme adjusts to it will be my clear indicator of when he is ready to return to more exercise, and eventually, sheep work! Fingers crossed!  And I just hope that no one in my neighborhood has a camera to record my attempt to keep Ryme at a trot on leash for periods of time!

Coal is like a monkey-on-crack because we have not been able to work sheep hardly at all. The daylight hours are just too short but that is turning the corner. His chiropractor appointment revealed that not working is actually worse for Coal than working. He was a broken, crunchy pretzel-dog all over. I need to get him back on sheep. Now. Today!

And, for better or for worse, I guess I am now officially elected as President of the NCWSA. As the past president, Rusty says, "no worries, you only have eight years to go"! Yikes! I only hope I can do half as good a job as Rusty has done. His enthusiasm was always limitless. I could not be more thrilled with the all-star cast lined up to serve on the NCWSA Board with me. The depth and breadth of experience and initiative is truly inspiring.

NCWSA is planning a Pro-Novice, Novice-Novice, and Nursery trial near Oakdale, CA on February 18th. Hope to see you all there. The entry will be posted on the club website soon.

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