Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Ball in Your Breakfast

I should probably save this post title for something really fascinating but if I don't use it now, it may never get used. As RDR says, seize the day!

I have a really bad habit of drinking my morning coffee or tea and eating my breakfast at the computer. This results in the aforementioned ball in my breakfast, as both Coal and Ryme have a habit of dropping a ball in my lap whenever I am seated. If the breakfast is in the lap, well then there ya have it!

Yesterday  morning we were treated to fun practice runs at 7 Oaks Ranch in Santa Rosa. George Powell has posted a few photos from the day over on his blog. Thanks to George and Maureen for organizing this RESDA practice day. The second photo is of Ryme in the water tank, doing the obligatory border-collie-cool-off after his turn. It is doubtful that it was hot out enough for him to require this watery dip but then we all know how the border collies get into this habit. I was struck by how much the photo reminded me of my Bid dog, a resemblance I never really saw before. But the open pinkish mouth, pointy ears, and hair standing up on Ryme's back (he has dorky hair from sleeping on it wet the other night after I improvised warm-water showers for them after one too many trips to roll in sheep doo-doo at the field) sure reminded me of Bid. I only hope that Ryme can morph into as good a worker as Bid became in his later years. Ryme did ok at the practice day. He looks sound, too. We are making small steps of progress.

Coal got to work in the large pasture at 7 Oaks and this was a great experience for both of us since we have never had a chance to work in that lovely field. I was happy with him overall but need to tune up my own mental self before next weekend.

Breakfast is over; balls keep getting placed in my lap but with the time change, time's a wastin'! At least we can look forward to longer daylight in the evenings. Yes!

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