Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Zamora - The Trailer

We are back from the Zamora Hills Trial. There is not much time to write about it, yet, mainly because of going back to work but probably just as importantly, I am still processing it in my mind.

I had a great time. Our runs were decent, credible; Coal and I got two scores in the 50s from two runs. We celebrated Elgar's birthday. The worst of the rain held off for most of the trial days...although we need the rain very badly here in Northern California, it was not fun to stand out in the mud in cold rain...so I was glad it didn't pour buckets all day Sunday the way it did on Saturday night. I watched some really great runs; a few in particular stand out in my mind. Coal impressed me with his willingness in the face of distractions. In fact it got me to thinking about how amazing these dogs are who put it all out there for us every time, no matter if we are feeling less than confident in ourselves. We go to the post all wobbly and worrying, and yet the dogs give it their all (at least some or most of them do). It's a wonder. That's the main thing I am processing right now. I will write more about the trial later when time allows.

Meanwhile just a huge thank you to all who made the trial happen!

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Celeste said...

Great post re:the wonder of dogs. They ARE so willing, even when we are "worried and wobbling."
Okay, I'm going to go hug my dogs now...