Monday, February 17, 2014

Mid February, Already!

Wow, it is mid-February, already; President's Day weekend and Valentine's Day have passed us by...

Ryme had a life changing event last Friday; he got neutered ("tutored" is the word I have been using within earshot of him so he does not take it so hard that he lost his manhood).  My vet's office handled everything beautifully, as always, and Ryme is doing great post surgery. I am looking forward to him being able to work again here in a week or so. He is my main man for ranch chores. I am hoping that tutoring will enable him to be even a little bit more relaxed in his view of the world. I would be thrilled with ten percent better but there is always the hope for more. If not, I won't have really done him any harm and fewer male hormones around the house will be a good thing.

Ryme moves our Scotties, a couple of weeks ago  
I spent the President's Day weekend auditing a Jack Knox clinic up at the Hopland university research and extension center.  My brain is full to the brim, but I am really enthusiastic about putting into practice some of the things I saw at the clinic, with all three of my dogs. I have audited this clinic several times now and every time it has been very well worth it.

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