Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Essential Teammate

There was a discussion recently over on Facebook about how no one blogs any more. I do like to blog but I often do not have the time to sit down and be creative. That said, there were several folks who encouraged blogging to continue. So okay, I will try! :)

I had a thought last night about my right hand man, Ryme, that I thought I could blog about. He doesn't get the kudos that sometimes the other dogs do. But I could not be doing what I am doing, without his help. Ryme does all the sorting and sheep moving that makes it possible for me to work the other dogs.  I am working an extra dog for a friend, so that makes three dogs I am trying to work (besides Ryme). Ryme never quits, he never gives up, and he just keeps doing what I ask. Go get the sheep in, help me get the sheep sorted. Move this group here, move that group there. Deal with the cranky mama ewe, or, the uneducated ram lamb who thinks he can walk over the top of the dog.  Gate sort this group, shed off those mamas and babies so they can get fed. Hold the sheep off of me when I am wheelbarrowing the alfalfa out to feed. Yes, all that and more.

So even though he is not a trial dog, Ryme is a very essential part of my dog team. Here's to you buddy, I couldn't do it without you!

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