Saturday, August 2, 2014

There's a First Time for Everything

Today Spot got his first exposure to taking sheep off of a stock handler. Well, not exactly. I should say to be more precise, that today Spot got his first exposure to having a human being standing near the sheep (who were eating hay) when he went around them on his mini-outrun practice. Since the opportunity was there, I took advantage of the extra person and asked them to go stand by the sheep when I sent Spot for them.  We didn't have that person along with their dog out there, just yet. The presence of just a person was enough to throw Spot off his normal course. He came in tighter than normal and didn't go deep and wide like he normally does. He seemed to be thinking, "What is HE doing out there with my sheep?" if you could have read the thought bubble over Spot's head.

We will work on this, some more, obviously. I thought it was not too early to start. Spot is ready. We'll help him if he needs it.

I was happy to see that by the third time, Spot was almost back to his normal form around the sheep.  We took a break, Spot got some water and cooled off. Then I sent him for the sheep again, with no person near the sheep, just so he could be successful in his familiar manner. It was good.

The other boys got to work, too. Everybody was relatively good. :) Then they got baths after we got home; well I should say that everyone but Spot got a bath. Spot's shiny short coat doesn't need much upkeep so I just wiped him down with a wet towel like you would rub down a horse. He's good to go. :) The others needed full baths and pedicures, and were far overdue for it. The weekends never seem long enough for everything I want or need to do!

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