Monday, August 18, 2014

Opportunities in RTs

Gosh if you spell out the word opportunities, there they are, the RTs!

Recently Coal and I had some RTs. It was our first HA trial in a long time. We were not prepared. I knew we weren't really prepared. But the RTs were a great opportunity. I came home with a renewed motivation to improve our performance.

There are many cliches about the bottom of the barrel, and hitting bottom before you can see the top, and so forth.

What this did for me was to open my mind and think outside the box a bit! How can we expand our training, given the limited resources available to us?

With some brainstorming and team work, we are changing up our training and dog work, and how  we use the spaces we are lucky to have. Meanwhile we dream about that 40+ acre field that we don't have...but I am not letting that stand in the way of trying to do better with what we DO have. Just sayin'! :) And very much enjoying and stoked on the process, too!

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livin life said...

Indeed.....def opportunities in the RT....way more that staying out there past anything good happening relationally. Well done!