Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dry Lake 2015, Day Two

Dry Lake, Day Two.
This was the hardest day, for me. I disappointed myself...I was not disappointed in my dog but in  myself, after we ran.

Coal was up dog #9. Same course and time as the Open on Friday, but the panels were slightly shifted. Judge number two on duty. It was three one-day trials, a format that I like.

I sent Coal left, as many folks did, although perhaps just as many sent to the right. You could justify sending either direction...which is great for Open. Coal did a really nice outrun. We all know that the outrun is Coal's weak spot so when he does a good one I think I go sort of into limbo. He slowed up a little too much at the top and then a fast and furious lift and fetch. I could not get ahold of him on the fetch, but more importantly I didn't try hard enough to get ahold of him. I think my mood was "flat" for lack of a better word. I didn't have myself mentally prepared and found myself getting frustrated. We had a terrible time turning the post as Coal got all eyed up and didn't want to release the sheep enough to let them move out into the drive. Oy. We finally got the drive started, and then cut the panel too short. If I'd been judging I would have said it was not an attempt at that panel.  I quit and RTed, not happy with myself for basically letting my dog down. I needed to have myself more pumped up and engaged, to be ready to rock and roll and be part of the team with Coal. If my mood is flat then it's up to me to get it together and make the best of that run. I do need to try harder to get ahold of him and stay in control. Can't expect the dog to do it all! And if I do, I can expect him to try to do it his way. Sigh.

From there things started to look up. I had a headlight out in my car which I had discovered on getting back to the motel on Friday night. After Coal was cooled out from his run we ventured into Tulelake to try to find help to get it fixed. I didn't want to not get it fixed with several days yet to go on our trip and being far from home. It was Saturday morning of a long holiday weekend and I knew if I was going to get it fixed, that now was the primo time. I ended up at the NAPA Auto Parts store in Tulelake. The guys behind the counter there, were so nice. They not only sold me the part but came out to the parking lot and put my light in the car for me. They wouldn't take a tip! What a shout-out to small town, country life. I have to say that this experience took away my bad feelings from my run with Coal and set me straight. Back to the drawing board with me and luckily we had another chance to run on Sunday. 

The handler's dinner was at Captain Jack's but I didn't mind eating there again. Real baked potatoes. Yum. Interesting conversation. Feeling better. :)

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